Welcome to Galaxy Convent School. A school that truly takes education beyond classrooms........ Today’s education is no more defined by boundaries. Knowledge today is shared globally irrespective of time, distance, geography or language through the technology platform. Children of today need an education, that prepares them to meet the challenges of the competitive world. While academic strength is essential to survive, they need excellent communication skills, understanding of global culture and its appreciation, a good character, an attitude to be lifelong learners and contribute in a positive way to the society at large.

Ethics and etiquettes, morals and discipline, values and culture, need be ingrained into them at young age, to mould them into good human beings who are capable of taking the world in their stride. At GCS, we aim to provide high quality of education in a supportive learning environment. We believe that every child is different and has to be provided an opportunity to succeed in his /her own way.

Our children walk into the school looking forward to days filled with the joy of learning without being stressed. They enjoy every activity and every day at school. They understand and appreciate different cultures, the burning issues on environment, importance of social service and develop sensitivity towards the same. We bring-out the leadership skills in children and train them to be confident, capable and responsible citizens of tomorrow.



The schools quality policy is as per the NPE. The following are our quality policy:

• Physical, emotional, intellectual, social ,cultural and spiritual development of the personality of every ward is the target of Quality policy

• Indian ethos and spirit of nationalism are encouraged for character building and for national reconstruction

• Monitoring of individual differences in the entire campus

• Development of dynamic personalities through our highly motivated and dedicated manpower and well framed Quality Management system.

• We keep reviewing the objectives to comply the requirements of continual improvement.



• To ensure 100% pass percentage in all the classes at the end of the session.

• To pay special attention to the weak students and enhance their performance level to compete with other students.

• To ensure zero percent drop out.

• To identify gifted/talented students class wise/section wise and prepare them to participate in four talent search exams in a session.

• To provide ample opportunity to all students to increase gifted students by 20% at the end of the session.

• To ensure every child must participate in activities of various skills.

• To reduce customer complaints by 10% quarterly.

• To ensure that minimum 15% students of each class must participate in inter school competition.

• To ensure that students at middle and secondary level must choose social drives out of clean India, Green India, Knit India, Heal India, literate India, Mutual help and Energy conservation