Principal's Communique..

Our School is an extraordinary place where we are the commited to work closely with our parents and stackholders in order to provide quality education to our students. Our staff works diligently to maintain high educational standards. Our curriculum is rigorous and  challenging, where we specially focus on developing Life Skills and Multiple Intelligences of the children. Our goalis to teach students to read and think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively both verbally and in written and to utilize tecnology in relevant ways throughout their school years. In order to supplement academic excellence with all-round developmeny ofour students, there is a strong focus on imbibing student ethics and discipline and develop a deep rooted value system.

We are dedicated towards making our students competitive in the 21st century.

Glopbalization is now a reality and our children need to seamlessly fit intothe global fabric of work, culture and technology. It is our responsibility towards the students, institution and society at large to help them grow and excelin their own areas of expertise. I invte the parentsof GALAXY CONVENT SCHOOL to join hands with us in this endeavor to prepare our students to face the challenges of life.

We want our school to be a place where your voice is heard and you see a bright future of your child. If you have ideas, thoughts or concerns you would like to share, we would love to hear about them.

Your are always welcome to come into the school at any time.

 Faiyyaz Ahmad Ansari